Ajax Mini jet

Ajax Mini Jet


  • Small and compact

  • easy to use

  • low pellet and air compressed consumption

  • basic and functional blaster


  • Blasting System: Single-hose system

  • Blasting medium: 3mm pellets

  • Dry ice consumption:0-400g/min

  • Hopper capacity: 10kg

  • Air supply pressure: 1.4-10bar

  • Nozzle air consumption range: 1.5m3/min

  • Blasting hose: 3/8”, 5m

  • Air supply hose: 3/4’’ID, 6m

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 67cm x 36cm x 70cm

  • Weight: 62kg

  • Power connection: 200-240VAC, 1ph(60Hz), 3amps (other voltage on request)

Welded Steel Frame

Open hopper lid design

Ajax 16 blast gun

0,6kg, 12V LED light

Blasting hose + control cable

3/8″ID, 5m abrasion resistant

Compressed-air hose

3/4″ID, 6m


Quick-fix nozzle

Control panel 

Easy to use