Improvement Target

Improvement Target 1. Implementation of “5S” and continuous improvement 2. Improving the competency of employees through training and coaching 3. Implementation of ISO 9001 4. Healty & safety working oriented

Quality Target

Quality Target 1. Improvement competency of employee 2. Improvement quality of management and system 3. Improvement quality of products 4. Improvement quality of Pre/After Sales Service


Value Gratefuly and faith (Bersyukur dan keimanan) Integrity and attitude (Integritas dan attitude) Professionalism (Profesionalisme) Change to be better (Perubahan untuk kebaikan) Mindset to success (Mindset sukses) Creativity (Kreatifitas) Teamwork (Kekuatan tim) Happiness (Kebahagiaan)

Company History

Company History 2009 : Launched as CV. Senalapan Indonesia on August 6, 2009  Trading Ultrasonic Cleaning, Shot Blasting Machine and service company  2011 : Establishd PT. Senalapan Perkasa Indonesia on April 8, 2011 Engineering of simple machine and subcont to vendor for production and assembly 2013 : Member of Association of SMEs for support industry …

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Vision & Mission

Vision Commited to always improving quality of employee, method, quality standard, engineering, production and after sales service to fulfill international market demand.  Mission Being a specialist Industrial Cleaning Machine maker that provide state of art design and service, and highly oriented to customer satisfaction.

Line of business

Line of business PT. Senalapan Perkasa Indonesia has specialized in the production and supply of machinery/equipment in the field of Industrial Parts Cleaning Machinery such as Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Ultrasonic Mould Cleaner, Washing Machine, Shot Blasting Machine, Shot Peening Machine. We also do repair work, modification of improvement Cleaning, Washing or Blasting machine with variety …

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Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine

Hydrocarbon Cleaning Machine Hydrocarbon Chemical merupakan salah satu alternative pengganti solven TCE, Mesin Cleaning ini sesuai untuk aplikasi part-part yang presisi dan tingkat safety yang sangat tinggi untuk penggunaan Hydrocarbon Cleaning Chemical. Contact Us Whatsapp Envelope